“Dharma” stands for purpose in life. There are three aspects to this: 1) This law says that we are born for a reason. Get to know yourself so you can live your truth, but if you don’t... don’t expect your life to be meaningful. It can’t be, as long as you follow around random people or ideas. Therefore, look into spiritual practice. 2) You have a unique talent and you’re meant to find it. Look at what strikes your fancy, what you enjoy learning about, what you’d love to be good at. 3) Whatever it is that you acquire... offer it to the benefit of others as in “make yourself useful”. In principle this sounds easy enough. In its application it takes a lifetime...
“I did this with my own children. Again and again I told them there was a reason why they were here, and they had to find out what that reason was for themselves. From the age of four years they heard this. I also taught them to meditate when they were about the same age, and I told them, ‘I never, ever want you to worry about making a living. If you’re unable to make a living when you grow up, I’ll provide for you. What I really want you to focus on is asking yourself how you can serve humanity, and asking yourself what your unique talents are. Because you have a unique talent that no one else has, and you have a special way of expressing that talent and no one has it.’ They ended up going to the best schools, getting the best grades, and even in college, they are unique in that they are financially self-sufficient, because they are focused on what they are here to give. This then is the Law of Dharma.” - Deepak Chopra.
Wouldn’t it be lovely... to have such parenting, or at least try to be such a parent or partner? Wouldn’t it be sweet to shape your life according to such a roadmap rather than wandering about without a clue?