Jasmin Rogg

Jasmin Rogg is a psychotherapist in private practice in Beverly Hills. In the seventies, Jasmin moved to California from her native Germany in order to study psychology at UCLA and Loyola Marymount University, graduating with a MA degree in Counseling Psychology. Her family background is Jewish-Romanian-Italian. She is bilingual in English and German, and also speaks some Romanian and French. 

Having spent many years in the field of addiction and recovery, on both a professional and personal level, Jasmin knows what it takes to leave behind destructive behavior patterns in favor of walking the path of recovery. Jasmin leads recovery groups, workshops, and gives presentations at treatment centers in California.

She identifies with the healer archetype and utilizes the “alchemy” of turning weakness into strength, passing on tools and techniques for recovery from emotional pain, depression, anxiety, and addiction – and move on to building a good life. 

Jasmin is a most dedicated practitioner working with clients in individual, marital, and family therapy.  She offers relief of suffering with a variety of techniques, including insight into the lifelong effects of early-childhood experiences, attachment, and bonding. Jasmin emphasizes the lasting impact of early socialization and adverse childhood experiences, while assisting her clients to work through problematic thought and behavior patterns. 

In addition, Jasmin has published books and writes a blog about current relevant topics for clients seeking recovery from depression, anxiety, as well as behavioral and addictive disorders. 

Jasmin is the author of “TO HELL & BACK, How to Have Feelings & Stay Sober at the Same Time” is a self-help book on recovery, which was translated and published by Random House in Germany with the title, “ICH HÖR JETZT AUF.”

Jasmin’s second book is “WAKING UP SOBER …and walking the path”  on the spiritual path of recovery from addiction. 

Recent papers are published as blog posts on www.voiceofrecovery.blogpost.com

Most recently, Jasmin has dedicated her attention to the baby boomer generation,  discussing critical aspects, which may require some adjustment on the path toward mature adulthood.  Such as preparation for retirement and age-related changes in physical strength, mood, relational aspects regarding friends, partners, and family, including grief and loss, loneliness, as well as changes in memory, thought process, and self-image; assistance with adjustment of the older generation to the ubiquitous presence of internet and social media has become a major focal point.



B.A. in Psychology, UCLA

M.A. in Counseling Psychology, Loyola Marymount University

License MFT39197