Throughout life and irregardless of maturity and experience we are meant to deal with the unknown. Although uncertainty can be experienced as unpleasant it is the necessary precondition for freedom. If we would know things with certainty... we would have no choice – we would have to do things accordingly. The way it is we may feel the need to attach anxiously to people and things, ever fearful of loss and yet… they seem to slip away in spite of all our willfulness. When we lack trust in ourselves or a benevolent Higher Power… it can seem bleak. This creates a most stressful internal environment and it can get quite exhausting, too. We all know that good fortune cannot be enforced willfully. The fear-based need to hold on tenaciously interferes with the ability to receive the present. The law of detachment teaches to let go. It’s all about confidence and trust in an abundant universe, which unfolds with new developments, events, and options on a continuous basis. Visual imagery helps to bring the life you want in focus. It is suggested to visualize yourself amidst the desired circumstances during daily meditations and then to release the entire procedure and detach from the results. Put your mind on gratitude for all the good you already possess. Expect solutions to emerge. They always do. Get ready. Be curious.
“Good luck is nothing but preparedness and opportunity coming together” – Deepak Chopra