Psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and families




Processing Childhood Experience

I believe childhood suffering can dominate a person throughout life; causing anxiety, depression, addiction and other problems.  I work with my clients on identifying, processing and eventually healing childhood trauma.


Recovery from Substance Abuse, Process Addictions and Other Compulsive Behaviors That Hold You Back

Psychotherapy can support you in establishing a solid foundation for ongoing recovery without falling prey to emotional relapse triggers and self-sabotaging behaviors.  


Reducing Depression/ Anxiety and Adjusting Problematic Thought Patterns

I offer spiritual therapy, utilizing a variety of techniques including dream interpretation, mindfulness, breathing exercises, meditation, positive affirmations, bibliotherapy and writing.



Addressing and Resolving Baby Boomer Issues

Using the motto "how to get older & have some joy at the same time", I support my clients through the transition to the next stage of life, let go of resistance, embrace change creatively and courageously, redefine himself/herself, handle financial adjustments and appreciate mature relationships.

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In psychotherapy the client processes experiences, thoughts, memories, emotions, fears, and wishes, working through underlying issues toward releasing the past and discovering her truth. Psychotherapy is a process of transformation, healing, and liberation form the past.

As a psychotherapist I listen actively and offer support and feedback within a safe environment. The client gets to be seen, heard, and understood, knowing that his/her thoughts and feelings do matter. Dysfunctional thought patterns are gradually replaced by insight and good judgment. It’s all about learning to trust and strengthen his/her sense of self. It changes everything.


Jasmin Rogg is a psychotherapist in private practice in Beverly Hills. In the seventies, Jasmin moved to California from her native Germany in order to study psychology at UCLA and Loyola Marymount University, graduating with a MA degree in Counseling Psychology. Her family background is Jewish-Romanian-Italian. She is bilingual in English and German, and also speaks some Romanian and French. 


I offer a “safe holding environment” tailoring my approach to the needs of the individual client in order to process current and past issues, identify areas to work on, and implement tools to improve their emotional climate.

I utilize aspects and concepts of various schools of thought, including psychodynamic theory, attachment theory as well as existential and spiritual philosophies.