Sometimes I Dream...

Sometimes I dream of a whole generation of children treated with tender love and care. Always. No neglect or abandonment. Ever. All children are guided in a gentle manner and therefore they develop self-esteem, learn self-love and self-care, and take on life with confidence. None of them is ever subjected to sexual, violent, emotional, or verbal abuse, and they don’t have to witness it either. They are never scared into submission and so they don’t have to start out discouraged. Instead they are hopeful and optimistic. They have goals and enthusiasm. They are in touch with their feelings and physical sensations - they don’t have to seek excessive stimulations, and they don’t overeat (so much). And they pass it on… they don’t bully each other at school. Twenty years later… people don’t intimidate and humiliate each other. No one has to pick up their fists or weapons. People don’t have to self-medicate with drugs, food, sex, and other addictions (as much). No need to offer their own bodies for sex with strangers or use children as live sex dolls. Human suffering is reduced to a manageable level. One can count on random acts of kindness. A peaceful social climate takes over the whole country. Wouldn’t that be sweet?
“You may think I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one” – John Lennon
P.S. 90% of my clients cry over adverse childhood experiences, often beginning in infancy - such as neglect, abandonment, sexual, violent, verbal, and emotional abuse. Their default mode is anxiety and anger. Many of them have also been hurtful to their own children.