Speaker 1/22/2012 Quotes

What I did with that was way more damaging than what really happened.
What we all want is to feel good, and have love and peace.
It’s challenging for me to do anything.
I want a parade for being here - I just don’t feel comfortable living.
I didn’t know how to live.
I didn’t know how to listen.
I didn’t know what to do with my body.
He was vague. I liked it. I thought, let’s be vague.
I was trained to be a losing horse so that they could be the winners.
I brought flowers and so I didn’t have to dress like a hooker.
Sometimes the good things feel like death. I rescued a puppy that was almost frozen to death. It thawed and it came back to life, but it had frost bite, so I took it to the vet. It had 3 kinds of mange among other things. They told me to bathe it, but that puppy had learned that being wet meant freezing. It was afraid to death of the warm bath.
God sends me some gorgeous people in packages I can’t resist, because I need to learn something.
If I do whatever I want to do I’m a jackass.
I’m shown how to become real – brave, unselfish and truthful.
My commitment is to recovery.