Speaker 1/21/2012 Quotes

I was strutting around at rehab, thinking I was the shit.

How many times have we heard people come up to the podium with 1 day who said they were sober and then they took a Valium for their back and they woke up again with a lemon peel in their ear, whipping cream in their hair, in bed with their sister, and in jail.

Alcoholics don’t have the capacity to love anybody if their alcoholism isn’t treated.

If you don’t wake up with a program of recovery this morning… you don’t have one.

I didn’t feel better by trying to enhance my pleasure. It’s always about doing something good for someone.

I have the insatiable ego of a 4-year old child and I’m always in a hurry, always in a hurry.

So I get sober, but I have this twisted-up head and I get mad at the guy for having a beard, like “Why do you have a beard?”

If I think “Now I know something in AA" I’m no longer the student, and I get so mad, and then all of a sudden I want to die.

I use all that stuff to make myself superior and I drink over that.

Who you’re resenting is who you’re becoming.