Just Like A Bird

I wished the music would never end.
I needed it all to be easy and fun.
I tried to impose my will on others.
I demanded to be welcome.
I insisted fought withdrew.
I feared the day.
I stayed up all night every night
until I got so sad and tired
that I couldn’t take it any more.
I just never knew that resistance is futile.

These days I’m learning to join life
one moment at a time,
give what I want to get -
offer kindness and forgiveness,
put down the burden,
and receive the present.

Today I will replace troubling thoughts with
pleasing thoughts. I say:
Thank you, God, for the birds flying in formation
in the spectacular blue sky.
I am happy to be just like them –
I simply let myself be
part of a larger pattern that is life.
I’m WITH it, I fall into place, and
sometimes I can hear it - the music.