What Do Children Need?

Quotes from parenting group

My dad taught us … and we believed it…

Children need to be heard. nurtured, valued, and feel loved.

…. love, encouragement, self-esteem, structure, support.

A child should be taught that she has a unique, beautiful nature and that the parents will help her grow.

Children should be allowed to be independent and go after their dreams.

…have permission to make mistakes.

Parents have to change when kids grow - and grow together.

…have open communication, show emotions.

Reward is better than punishment.

… nurtured in a kind and loving way.

Children need to feel accepted and secure in the relationship.

…have structure, accountability, and consistency.

Children should feel protected.

Honesty is important to build trust.

… have permission to express fear, hurt, disappointment.

Children need knowledge and education.

…learn compassion from parents, see individuality as good without prejudice.

My mom transmitted her own insecurities. She didn’t encourage us to go for our dreams. She didn’t say: “You can do this! Go for it!” She didn’t teach us to believe in ourselves.

A child needs to be safe and feel wanted.

… taught to seek to understand other people.

Somebody needs to be present and attentive.

A child needs to get fed daily and get positive attention consistently and regularly.

… needs to see parents respect one another.

A child needs a compassionate and understanding mother.

…needs to not be tortured by a mother who abuses drugs and alcohol and commits suicide.