Quotes from parenting group

I wish my dad were loving, open-minded, uplifting, and encouraging.

My father is very controlling and paranoid. He has instilled a tremendous amount of fear in me.

My father has always been the backbone of the family. He is quiet and stern, but he has a gentle kind soul.

My father is a rageoholic, an alcoholic, and he is anxious. I think he is done being a father. I see how much he just wishes to get rid of me.

I love my dad. When I was using I couldn’t stand him, because he knew I was lying all the time.

My father is depressed. I make it worse.

My father is fantastic. He has always been there for me and he is the role model for all the guys in my life.

My father is emotionless. He only expresses anger, which made me fear him.

My dad was the best person that I have ever known. He died when I was 13.

My dad was a blamer and I grew up a guilty child.

I love my daddy so much. I wish he was more accepting of my disease.

If my dad were alive he would be heartbroken about my addiction.

My dad has always been a selfish, successful piece of shit and a big liar.

My dad is a retired successful lawyer. I wish he would have been the way he is now with me when I was little. Then he just worked all the time and he was strict.

My father is an addict. I’m really sad that he is so sick. It breaks my heart, because I see a lot of him in myself.

My dad was loving, compassionate, intelligent, and my friend.

My dad is a beauty and a beast. He raped me from 5 years and he beat me up. He is an alcoholic. I love him. I’m glad he didn’t rape my sisters.

My dad is afraid that I will die or end up in jail if I keep using.

My dad has been dead since 2003. When he was drinking, he would give me a $ to sing with him. Saying good-bye was the most painful and bonding experience we had as a family. I miss him.