Two Sunday Speakers

1) Man
My wife came to visit me in rehab. She was 8 months pregnant. The next year she came to visit me in rehab and she brought a piece of cake from my son’s first birthday. All I talked about was how much I loved my son.

I used and I lied for many more years. My friend had given me a pity job cleaning his laundromat. It ended with everyone kicking me out and me going to L.A. county jail. I was taken to AA meetings, but I just couldn’t get home sober. I learned all about relapse triggers, but everything was trigger for me. Death was never an issue or a worry.

… and then… there was a little moment or a quarter inch of grace and I decided to finally do what they talk about in this program. I have been sober ever since. These days I tell the truth all the time. I love a lot of people in this program. We laugh…

2) Woman
My boyfriend left me. I asked him, “Why did you leave me?” He said, “Do you really want to know?” I said: “Yes, I really do.“ He said: “You drink too much.” I wanted to kill myself every single day. I went to jail. I didn’t put it together.

When I got to rehab a tech told me, “Now all your dreams can come true.” What happened was that I moved on and I changed my life.

At 11 years, I quit my job and I had nothing (don’t quit your job when you don’t have another one!). I realized that I had always lived on Ego – what I thought I am and what I should have.

I finally did what I never wanted to do and for the 1st time I understood what the 3rd step really means. The promises came true for me. I just walk the path and I don’t judge it. All I do is pray for the knowledge of God’s will for me, and the power to carry it out. That’s it.

I got a really good life now. I’m cool with just being a blade of grass. The true wealth is my experience and my friendships.