Breaking the Chain

Quotes from parenting group

I never talk about my feelings. My daughter is doing well, but she won’t talk about her feelings.

I had a sense of entitlement. I want my daughter to appreciate things.

My parents tortured and abused me. I never trusted anybody. When I went to jail I had to leave my daughter with my family. She doesn’t trust me and it hurts.

I didn’t feel protected. I protect my daughter.

Discipline came first. We were hit with a belt. I want for my son to enjoy his childhood.

My parents locked me up and forced me to go to church even though I cried and hated it. I would be open-minded and listen.

My mother did my homework. I felt guilty. I would not do these things for my kids.

I never learned to express my feelings as a child. I need to work on expressing my feelings to my kids.

I didn’t get much validation when I was little. My kids get validation from me.

My childhood was happy until 15 when my father passed. I missed him terribly. My mom didn’t help me – she was always jealous of me.

My dad was my hero. I lost him to heroin. He is in prison on murder charges. I will work the program to the best of my ability. I want to stay sober.

We did a lot of screaming at each other. I have tried hard not to do that to my children.

My parents were abusive. I didn’t learn about respect and boundaries. With my children I did the opposite – but I didn’t have a voice then and I don’t have a voice now. Sometimes I snap.

My parents divorced when I was 2. I didn’t have a role model for relationships.

I wasn’t allowed to be me. I did the opposite with my daughter. She is 18 now and she is incredible.