... and the word became flesh

The Fifth Chakra

This is the energy of will power, judgment, and choice - of your truth. Physically, the fifth chakra is located at the throat, including neck, shoulders, mouth, nose and ears. Its color is blue. Through verbal expression we present our feelings and thoughts to others, thereby integrating heart and mind. Thoughts that you maintain and even more so your spoken statements can have a lasting effect on your life. Words do matter and they resonate back to you like an echo. You become what you think and say.

From a spiritual perspective, our highest good is accomplished by turning our will and our life over to a Higher Power. By living in accordance with the Divine Forces we walk the path of least resistance: take what is given, listen to what is being taught, and appreciate what appears on our path. Riding the waves of life by being aligned with these Forces relieves us of conflict. We can learn to listen to our own intuition to guide us on the spiritual path. The essence of the fifth chakra is faith. At this level we begin to understand that fear creates mountains, while faith removes them.

As you learn about your will power, you go through painful struggles. You may fall prey to the illusion that forcing your will onto others would bring you happiness… If you invest your spirit in manipulations, deceit, illusions, or denial – you’re straying from the right path - and you cause confusion and suffering (for yourself and/or others) in the process. Lying means that you compromise your own truth for something that seems more important – and you will pay a price for it…

The most costly energy consequences come from acting out of fear - while you act on the illusion that what you fear is true. With this you manifest your fears. Or your fear might tell you that you must defend yourself and attack. When you are angry and aggressive, you feel a flush of energy – this is your spirit leaving your body and attaching itself to the object of your judgment… not a good thing, you need it with you. Practice restraint of tongue, pen, and email – especially when you’re upset and agitated. When vicious words hit a desperate person – they can kill.

Direct your will to the highest common good – and make yourself useful. We don’t live long enough to waste too much time with destruction, revenge, or other spiritual errors. Stand up for yourself, so you do not build resentments - they get registered in your cell tissue and make you sick – as a result of overwhelming negativity in the system. In confession you can purge yourself and return to humility. You are not expected to live flawlessly without ever erring BUT you must learn from your mistakes if you are to move on.

Close your eyes, use your will, and command your spirit back from places, thoughts, or fears you have sent it to. Imagine your thoughts coming back from judgments. Being judgmental is a spiritual error – letting go of it and looking for compassion instead is so much more helpful. Think before you speak – so you avoid confusing and polluting someone’s mind with senseless rambling verbalizations. Sometimes it can be an act of love not to say anything. Use kind words – it is so much better to give hope than pain. Always remember that your words are creative!

“In the beginning was the word, and the word became flesh” - Book of Genesis