heart chakra

The Fourth Chakra
This is the energy of love. Physically, the fourth chakra is located at the center of the chest. Energetically, it is connected to our heart and circulatory system, breasts, lungs, shoulders, arms and hands. It is associated with the color green. Every sentiment emanates from the heart center. That is why it is the most powerful chakra and can be dangerous if not guided properly. We mess up our life mostly because of our heart, our passion. When we are imbalanced in our heart chakra, we tend to become overly attached to some object of affection. The goal is to be nurturing towards another person while receiving nurturing in return, as well. We have to love ourselves first, look for beauty in all things, and seek emotional balance – so we create harmony instead of getting caught up in chaos.

Fourth chakra energy is pure power. Put your attention towards hope, confidence, compassion, and acceptance. Think love. Shine your light freely. We lose power by investing in low-grade emotions such as fear, despair, hate, envy, and jealousy. The “wounded child” within holds painful memories and turns them into negative attitudes, which, in turn, shape our behavior. This is how we perpetuate our childhood pain. We create what we fear most, i.e. abandonment can turn into fear of abandonment, which can turn into fear of commitment, which tends to create abandonment. People stay out of balance to get negative attention when they feel that their life is worth nothing without the love they crave. This can be the reason why people don’t heal – in essence they sacrifice their life on the altar of love. A better solution is to live life with the attitude of “what would love do now?” and do that. When you give love you are always surrounded by love.

Whenever you feel the need to control another person … let go … pull your spirit back … remind yourself to do what it takes to nurture and heal yourself instead. Healing is possible through acts of forgiveness. Our wounds do not hurt the people who hurt us - they hurt only us. Resentments keep us from becoming whole and moving on. Self-love means caring for ourselves enough to forgive people in our past and allow our wounds to heal. Within all experiences, no matter how painful, lie spiritual insights. At the fourth chakra level we get to know ourselves through our emotions – when we have strayed and have been hurt too much, we may even find that it’s time to change. Don’t be surprised when others don’t do what you want at all times – it’s not their task to be there for you. Loving others means to allow them to be what they are – even when they aren’t fulfilling what you think your needs are. It is your task to give love freely and joyfully – with self-respect, but without expectations to get anything back.

Live Love