Sense-Focus Exercise to Reduce Anxiety

Jasmin’s Worksheet #54
Sense-Focus Exercise to Reduce Anxiety
When you are in fear, you are obsessing on scary thoughts.
It’s as though you are stuck in a dark tunnel.
Here is an exercise to redirect your attention to the world around you.
You can do it with someone or take a piece of paper to write down your answers.
It will only take a few Minutes and it helps to go outdoors for the exercise.
1) Take 3 deep breaths. Tell yourself: “I am here. I am breathing.”
2) Inhale very deeply and hold your breath for the count of 7; exhale easily and evenly; repeat 3x
3) Look around, up, notice your surrounding
4) List 5 things you can see in nature. Look up to the sky, also
5) What colors do you see?
6) Count how many different greens you can identify
7) Can you see any birds or squirrels? describe
8) Is there something else that is noteworthy, usual, unusual? A plane, blimp etc
9) List 4 things you can hear at this moment
10) List 3 things you can touch
11) List 2 things you can smell
12) Identify 1 thing you can taste
Notice that you feel much calmer and breathe more deeply.
Repeat the exercise whenever necessary.