Unknown Waters

It’s not at all about arriving anywhere
Or achieving anything.
Neither is it about being better
Or even being good at it.
It’s all about experiencing,
Watching, sensing, partaking,
And continuing on your own, too
If that’s what’s up.
Allowing some doubts,
But keeping dread and worry
From taking over.
Just breathing and carrying on,
Learning to navigate the raft on the
Passage into utterly unknown waters.
Most important to look up
At the enchantingly blue sky
And the gatherings of birds (with delight),
Seeing and welcoming each and every visitor
(human and otherwise),
And moving on when the time has come.
Listen to the wind, add your rhythm
‘cause being there is all there is.
“Keep going in the face of adversity” – Janwillem van de Wetering