This law is about continuous dynamic interchange with the world, ready for giving and receiving, knowing that hording things won’t provide safety. Better to trust “being in the loop” of continuous energy flow all around and lose the fear-based desire to block life from happening as it must. Imagine being a musician participating in the orchestration of life by paying attention, listening, and sharing. Your participation is of the essence. You don’t have to understand it all, you don’t have to know music theory, and you don’t have to like all other musicians and their playing. You do your part. That’s it. The silences between sounds are an essential part of music and there are times where you just listen and don’t make a sound. We’re in this together - it’s all about the joy of music, whether you play, sing, dance, or quietly dream into the blue sky. Being here is everything. The essence of this law is the intention to be of service, make yourself useful in some way, bring something good into existence, offer some joy. Helping others is suggested especially during hard times. It’s magical – it changes everything – turning you instantly from being helpless and hopeless into being powerful and confident. The mere thought of helping and wishing transforms your consciousness, bringing into existence your thought content in energetic form. Remember that you are giving something each time you come in contact with a living being. Make it a point that it’s good or at least not harmful. This is also the 10th step of the Alcoholics Anonymous Program.
“And in our willingness to give that which we seek we keep the abundance of the universe circulating in our lives” – Deepak Chopra