Synopsis form "THE SEVEN SPIRITUAL LAWS OF SUCCESS" by Deepak Chopra.
Laws are defined as a process where things must happen just so. Events can come into existence whether we know about it or not. Sometimes we call it a miracle or (good or bad) luck. Raising our awareness of spiritual laws can help us understand life and our role in it. Here are some laws that have been described over the ages and can offer practical suggestions for everyday life.
It has been said that the source of all creation is thought or consciousness. On that level everything is possible. All beings are animated and connected by the energy of life - the Divine Spirit. We attract events that match our internal energy and so we tend to bring into existence what we focus on through thoughts, feelings, wishes, desires, and intentions.
A daily practice of mindfulness – through meditation where one sits in silence – helps to stabilize and empower on the path of creating one’s own life. With such a practice we can gain clarity and develop serenity. We let go of judgment and the error that we are limited by lack - we become willing to allow for growth and change. Through gratitude we become receptive to good things and the energy of affluence becomes accessible.
Things can turn around. Difficulties can go away. Problems can be solved. Solutions can be found. Injuries can be healed. It is about riding the waves of life. When down the trough – get ready to ride back up. There is no stagnation - the truth is that the universe is lively, magical, limitless, and abundant.
“In the field of pure silence is the field of infinite organizing power, the ultimate ground of creation where everything is inseparably connected with everything else.” – Deepak Chopra