“I get oblivious, wake up to a mess, and flee” – quote

Her mind has a propensity for churning out
an incessant stream
of scary and disturbing thoughts.

Dramatic feelings surge
and the mood is ruined.
Her bitterness keeps life at bay.

No time to smile at a
flock of birds
practicing for winter journeys.

she creates fact from fiction.
Scary and disturbing things happen.

She won’t admit that
she keeps ending up in the wrong movie.
She rationalizes, denies, and (also) regrets.

Her defiance and hostility begets strife.
She needs relief and fun
somehow somewhere.

She finds oblivion
with the help of
drugs, sex, and other distractions.

The sweet scent of life’s beauty gets covered
but the truth can’t get replaced.
Nothing is ever enough.

She struggles
with real and imagined people and events,
and sinks into the quicksand of her nightmare (alone).

Someone tells her that
the mere intention of bringing hope
to someone can awaken her.

“A lot of us don’t die.
They just keep getting crazier and weirder” - quote