P x P = P squared

The alcoholic has a problem, P.
It centers in the mind with distorted perceptions and delusions,
pervades her personality with chronic self-obsessed fearfulness,
and causes dysfunctional behaviors.
The alcoholic is described as “irritable, restless, and discontent”,
which is, of course uncomfortable,
and so she is driven to seek relief.

The alcoholic has another problem, P,
which is described as an allergy of the body,
a genetic predisposition to react addictively to
substances, relationships, and activities, which stimulate
a mood or feeling, trigger a craving,
and so she must act on the irresistible compulsion to carry on,
even in spite of the most adverse consequences.

These 2 problems multiply their adverse effects
in such a way that
they create an unmanageable and progressive condition,
where her ego-defense mechanism keeps her locked in defense
and she tries to defy the truth until the end,
while anyone can see that she is dying.

This blind spot is what creates the alcoholic tragedy.
As her ship is sinking, she insists on believing that
it’s not so bad and so… she goes down with it.
In its wake, she destroys the lives of those who love and miss her.

Unless she can accept spirituality as the way out,
where she joins in with life, and cares for and about others,
her delusional system prevents her from seeing the truth
and she perishes, forever trying to look cool.