Your Wish Is Command

You didn’t like to suffer on this earth.
You asked for relief.
People were sent bearing potions and poisons.
You accepted enthusiastically
and signed up for better or for worse.
You paid the price.
It got better and worse.
You had found a way to change this harsh reality.
You departed, leaving behind your issues and your people.
Or so it seemed.

It turns out there was a shadow side to it.
You found that you had never even left.
The potions and poisons just served as a chemical blindfold.
You stumbled around senselessly and stupidly.
You proceeded to make a mess of things.
People who saw it disrespected you
and stole the couch from under your ass.
You couldn’t really afford the price any more.
The time came when you broke down
and took off the blindfold.

What you saw… it was not good.
So you sent an SOS rocket to the universe.
It was received and you were granted a reprieve.
Angels were sent bearing a magical formula -
a recipe for healing yourself and reconstructing your life -
promising to remove your sad commitment
to voluntary blindness,
which had left such desolation in its wake.

The enchanted world of your own future,
is open upon your request and can be entered at any time.
So is the downward spiral of bygone and familiar misery.
Your convictions and desires are serviced...