sponsee announcement for the new year 2010

1) We LOVE you very much!
2) We think that we have done some recovery work and LET GO of some misery. This has allowed us to stay sober for NOW.
3) We feel less self-righteous indignation and ACT OUT LESS on urgent impulses.
4) As a result we do NOT VICTIMIZE others who love us, at least not as frequently and persistently.
5) Specifically, we have been working on NOT expressing resentments, judgments, and AGGRESSION - even though we may still feel like we are right and the other person should already f... admit it.
6) We do NOT feel like VICTIMS any more (although we do remember some abuse and wrongdoings of others) and have reduced whiny neediness and self-deprecation to some extent.
7) We have learned to WALK THROUGH our fear without necessarily expecting others to fix our problems instantaneously (even though it may appear like that would be nice).
8) In the early days we have called our SPONSOR on a daily basis to discuss all important decisions - even though we were discouraged from bitching and blaming on such occasions.
9) We try our best to CONSIDER how our behavior affects OTHERS.
10) We make it a point to BE USEFUL.
11) These changes occurred as a result of doing the TWELVE steps on a continuous basis.
12) And so we have found some HOPE and EMPOWERMENT, and we even get to catch a glimpse of SERENITY from time to time. That's good! Just consider where we came from...

Peace & Love, Jasmin & Delphi (sponsor & sponsee)