letter to my sponsee who asked me to copy it on my blog.
So here it goes:
Good morning, my love,
God IS guiding you.
He is sending you an angel from time to time -
to remind you that the love is WITH YOU,
the life is with you, and the joy is with you -
when you had been thinking it is with ... whom you desire.
Everything is as it is supposed to be.
Life is painful sometimes and we tend to maintain the judgment
that it ought not to be painful.
Pain is what guides us.
Pain is what we learn from.
Pain is the force that promotes development and evolution.
I don't like it, either. Nobody does.
That's how it guides us.
This is your life!
Raise hell if that's what you want to do!
Just remember - it may not get you what you want...
Looks like it's about endurance right now.
I love you very much.