new year 2010

divine stardust


Energy is really all there is. It became matter, which became stars, which became life - we are made of stardust. Tiny particles move endlessly inside each atom. Stars and planets move about their course for eternities. Humans, animals, and plants have a life and pass it on. This is the reality that makes up our material world. There is also another reality, invisible and intangible - the energy inside and between, which vibrates at a different frequency and carries communication. It is the realm of spirit, thought, emotions, and sound, the energy of life, the vibration of love and music. Think of happiness, laughter, ecstasy, the wind, the tides responding to the gravitational pull of the moon. Just think of your fate, which determines time and place of your birth, your family background, and the circumstances of your life and death. The most powerful things are invisible.

The famous teachings explain energy and God. Judaism describes God as the life force. In Christianity, the trinity of God-Father, God-Son, and The Holy Spirit is a metaphor for the creative intelligence (Father), the physical existence (Son), and the individual soul (Spirit), being three aspects of one. Einstein’s famous formula (E=mc squared) implies that mass is a function of energy, which essentially means that matter is energy. According to Newton, energy never ends; it undergoes transformations, but continues to exist indefinitely. Quantum physics demonstrates that everything is forever energetically connected.

We are one with everything, part of eternal creative conscious divine stardust. Our imagination and thoughts are infinite, powerful, and creative and not all that private. Once created, our thoughts exist and travel. What are you thinking? Our feelings are contagious. This is how we fall in love or become infected by hostility.

The Bible says:

“…and the word became flesh”. Look at what you bring into being with the words you speak. Are you nurturing life or destruction? Are you living acceptance or resistance? Are you attracting people and things with your loving energy, or are you repelling good fate by holding on to resentments? How are you managing your fate?