If You Should ever Wake Up

If you should ever wake up in deep sorrow about the suffering of humans and animals at the hands of humans, I am with you.
Flooding with global issues via social media can be overwhelming. This is what I do:
1) I must remember that I am created with some power to help. It is limited though. Extensive ruminations on such things are not helpful to anyone.
2) I can do something in my immediate vicinity, show up for the people in my life and my own animals; give or send some money to help where it’s needed or possible.
3) Do a little prayer asking God to care for all sentient beings, visualize giving them all to the care of the creative source of the universe.
4) Set timer for 20 Mins (or less).
5) Find a seat at a comfortable place, best near a window where you can see the sky for a moment. 6) Close your eyes. Settle in your space. Straighten your spine. Sit still.
7) Listen to the air surrounding you. Imagine the depth of the space beyond the sounds. Imagine that God is the wind (the air).
8) Focus on your breath. Tell yourself, I’m breathing in, I’m breathing out.
9) Hold your breath to the slow count of 7, release, repeat 2 more times.
10) Focus on your inside, find the physical location of your discomfort (probably belly, chest, or neck); hold it lovingly, give it your full attention, breathe into it.
11) Visualize that you inhale golden, divine, loving, healing light energy with every breath; breathe in and out, in and out, let the golden energy fill your inside and make you glow; let the grey energy of fear and sadness flow out, fading easily.
12) Smile, open your eyes, attend to this day.