Spiritual Election

Spiritual Election
The spiritual laws teach us that
life is divine energy
flooding through our bodies.
Law of Attraction teaches us that
we attract what we are,
what matches our vibrational state.
The thoughts we are offering create reality and
the focus about what we (don't) want
empowers and attracts it.
Psychology teaches us that
our subconscious mind doesn't know a negative
as though we try not to think of a pink elephant.
Traveling teaches us that
any journey has a direction.
Sometimes we’re lost and don’t even know it.
Voting for a leader,
we are meant to consider the highest good for
all. If we all think and talk about a
dangerous and incompetent candidate,
we are empowering that candidate.
On the wave of our common consciousness
he may surge to power and there is no turning back, ever.
On this day I could use my attention
for gratitude, which is a lovely vibrational state,
regardless whether it attracts what I want,
although apparently it does.
I choose to be grateful for the lovely blue sky,
the love for my furry critters, and
compassion for humans (including myself, too).
I focus on peaceful and humble acceptance
of the outcomes of millions of years of evolution,
which have taken us to a state
where human greed, sex, and aggression
destroy the magnificent creatures on
this magical blue planet while
ignorance, fear, and wrath make us forget
to tread lightly during this fleeting little dream
that we call life.