The Color of Love Meditation

It can happen that you awake with worries and anxieties, possibly in the wake of a dream or alcoholic agitation. Either way, prayer and mediation is of great help, providing the relief you need. Do it upon awakening and repeat throughout the day whenever agitation returns. We know now that a daily practice of prayer and meditation actually changes the brain.
The Practice:
Sit comfortably in upright position. Notice the expression on your face and smile slightly like the Mona Lisa does. It sends a feedback to the brain and influences your mood. Begin by giving thanks for waking up and unknown blessings on the day ahead. List all the good you can think of in a gratitude prayer, such as: Thank you, God, that I woke up, thank you that I am clean and sober, that my body is healing, that I am recovering my mind and my soul and becoming whole again, that I can see and hear, breathe and swallow, walk and talk, that I have food and water and a bed to sleep in. Thank you for the chance for a new beginning. Thank you for my life and the love in my life. Thank you for the people in my life (list them by name). Let me bring love and joy to others and let me forgive us all for everything.
Give your worries to HP (Higher Power), ask for guidance: Please show me the right way. Whatever, God, Your will be done (trying to enforce outcomes is futile, anyway). Focus on your breath, inhale, hold your breath to the count of 7, release, repeat 2 more times, or 6 times if you feel anxious, nervous, fearful, or agitated. Imagine inhaling hope and peace, with Divine love flooding through you, always, as you connect to the life force of the universe with every breath you take. Imagine the color of love filling your inside with a pale lavenderish pink energy cloud. Smile a little as you exhale. Repeat for 2 or 20 Minutes. Don’t worry about the time frame, just do it. As you like the effect of resetting your mind to a sense of ease and serenity, you might want to get used to it and practice on a daily basis.
Make sure to look out and up and give thanks for the spectacular blue sky. Good.
Namaste means that my soul recognizes your soul - the Divinity in me greets the Divinity in you. Think of Namaste when you meet us all today. Our feelings affect each other. We are One.