What If?

What if
your fate had meaning?
And all your experiences
happened for your benefit
in the end?
What if you were
exposed to suffering
to break through
to a higher understanding?
What if your childhood sorrow
had to happen
to demonstrate
the triumph of the human spirit,
the magic of forgiveness, and
the power of compassion
to liberate you
from judgment and
What if
you could release
your tormentor and
lover, and
find liberation from trauma
to heal?
Tell me,
could you imagine
a happy ending?
And allow for a metamorphosis
where self-love would
trump the imaginary attachment
to that which is
bonded to misery?
Tell me,
could it happen?
The transition to
where you allow for a good life?
If you say, YESS,
I will run and
let some other survivors know…
without delay.