Paradigm Shift

“Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.” - Cree Indian Proverb
IT MIGHT BE TIME for a paradigm shift…
So far… it has been about
mastering personal experiences,
breeding and protecting one’s own little family,
defending religious beliefs of one’s clan,
and the conviction that one’s people are
somehow better than the others,
where other people, religions, and nations were despised
to justify otherwise unjustifiable behaviors
against other living beings.
If all that didn’t work out,
we opted for long-distance migrations to greener pastures or,
for the faint at heart,
fictional departure with denial and delusion.
WE HAVE BUILT WALLS and prisons for “the others.”
We have traveled to drop bombs in distant countries,
but now we see... it’s us – WE ARE THE ENEMY –
collectively we’re blowing the future.
Chemicals and technology are making us sick.
Our plastic litter covers remote South Sea islands.
No one knows how to dispose of nuclear waste.
TODAY IS A GOOD DAY to see that…
the approach is getting old
when the mood is ruined with disturbing news
of globalized predicaments and nowhere left to run.
As it is, our own footprints are a menace to all,
even future generations.
It is of the essence to understand the cycle of life
that unites all beings while the energy travels through us
and the earth keeps turning.
a reorientation for our precious blue planet!
The privileged few are to understand that their happiness
won’t remain sustainable amidst a suffocating environment.
One way or the other…
Global consciousness WILL come to a tipping point
where we see that ALL IS ONE –
either by working together for a common future -
or perish during man-made destabilization of
the heavenly balance we were given.
I do believe that time is running out.
THE TIME HAS COME to know what’s up…
stop sawing on the branch we’re sitting on
and turn our fate around.
For humans and animals to survive,
a paradigm shift* must take place -
shedding primitive disregard of “the others” and
embracing a unified field concept to include all -
where we evolve from the brutish fight & destroy mode,
knowing that we manifest our visions.
When ignorant polarization dissolves
on a higher plane, we realize:
It’s not us against them, but just us –
we’re in this together -
denial and resistance fade, and
the fear makes way for hope.
That we release the maxim of our ancestors -
“breed, fight, and dominate” - for a higher consciousness,
replacing resistance and aggression with a better idea...
Zen and The Law of Attraction instruct us that we
become what we think: “Visualize and materialize”
While we’re busy saving the planet, we’d inadvertently
Also do some good for the happiness of our children,
And really, for us all.
Let’s imagine, attract, and create a prosperous future, shall we?
"Visualize and materialize" - Jimi Hendrix
* Paradigm = generally accepted mental construct, taken for truth