I am a Jew and a woman and my name is Trayvon.
Some people may see something in me,
Then love and hate that thing they see.
We bring some gifts along and
Exchange what we got.
A random stranger may look for a victim
And here I am. I fit the bill.
Meanwhile, I am a spirit being
Dwelling in this wondrous vehicle of flesh
That carries me through the journey of life
Without a roadmap to call my own. At all.
The color of my eyes doesn’t define me, but
My actions, they have consequences.
Sometimes I got the power to
Alter the direction of my trip
As I see fit. Not always.
I am meant to transcend it all
With other living beings on the path, and
Make some sense of things.
It can be a joyride or obstacle course,
The finish line remains the same.
Time and circumstances are veiled.
It can happen that I meet
An unexpected foe on a pretty summer night
And my life expires. Just like that.