Dog Race

“Everything is illuminated
within the light of the past...”
- lyrics, Everything is Illuminated
Everyone has his own life to live.
We just can’t help it.
A sign is held up ahead like the sausage at the dog race:
“you must be young and pretty, thin and rich.”
Meanwhile, it’s not about that at all.
The surrounding wants to be acknowledged.
We ache to be seen and understood -
and have some joy, too.
But then it’s about participation,
thoughts, words, and actions,
the traces of our existence -
but even that’s fleeting.
May be it’s rather about the wind
gently touching the skin as we rush along,
the blissful moments shared
with a human or furry little animal.
Could be, you know.
P.S. Not a one of the dogs actually gets the sausage.
Sadly, it’s a futile quest.
"Start wearing purple for me now.
All your sanity and wit will all vanish.
It's just a matter of time"
- lyrics, Everything is Illuminated