She's a sleeper and waking up is rough.
So she envies a sleeper in a movie,
Longing to do the same,
Sleeping in all places,
Helping it along with heroin (and other things, too).
Come to find out that sweet remedies
made her (almost) lose her life
And her mind, too (a little bit).
On the other hand,
being stark awake can feel alarming.
Activities can be exhausting,
Challenges can be discouraging,
People can be disquieting, and
It can happen that…
She's not amused with the whole thing.
Meanwhile, she is still somnolent at heart -
But then she came to think…
it might be good to get a life
Before the window closes.
These days she tries to be
the woman that her son thinks she is,
Reeling in some thoughts with her pen,
And showing up for you on any day.
Walking on the beach she sees a flock of seagulls,
Silently aligned side by side toward the sunset.
She imagines that God is the wind,
she closes her eyes,
And she hears it…
and then she can feel it, too…
She smiles.***
“Somnolence (or drowsiness) is a state of near-sleep,
a strong desire for sleep, or sleeping for unusually long periods.
Somnolence is derived from the Latin somnus, meaning sleep."
– quote, Wikipedia