Tightly Twisted

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
In his book “Quantum Healing” Deepak Chopra describes human physiology: “Counting the number of cells in the human body is no easier than counting the number of people in the world, but the accepted estimate is 50 trillion, or about 10,000 times the Earth’s present population. Isolated and placed under a microscope, the various kinds of cells – heart, liver, brain, kidney, et cetera – look rather alike to the untrained eye. A cell is basically a bag, enclosed by an outer membrane, the cell wall, and filled with a mixture of water and swirling chemicals. At the center of all but the red blood cells is a core, the nucleus, which safeguards the tightly twisted coils of DNA. If you should hold a speck of liver tissue on your fingertip, it looks like calf’s liver; you would be hard-pressed to discern that it is specifically human. Even a skilled geneticist would detect only a 2 percent difference between our DNA and a gorilla’s. Of the calf’s liver cell’s many functions, over 500 at latest count, you would not have a clue simply by looking at it.*** As clouded as the mind-body issue has become, one thing is indisputable: somehow human cells have evolved to a state of formidable intelligence. At any one time, the number of activities being coordinated in our bodies is quite literally infinite. Like the Earth’s ecosystems, our physiology appears to operate in separate compartments that in fact are invisibly connected: we eat, breathe, talk, think, digest our food, fight off infections, purify our blood of toxins, renew our cells, discard wastes, vote, and much more besides. Each of these activities weaves its way into the fabric of the whole. (Our ecology is more planet-like than most people realize, Creatures roam our surface, as unmindful of our hugeness as we are of their minuteness. Colonies of mites, for example, spend their entire life cycle in our eyelashes.)*** Within the body’s vast array, the functions of any single cell – such as one of the 15 billion neurons in the brain – fill a good-sized medical text. The volumes devoted to any one system of the body, such as the immune system or the nervous system, take up several shelves in a medical library.*** The healing mechanism resides somewhere in this overall complexity, but it is elusive. There is no one organ of healing. How does the body know what to do when it is damaged, then? Medicine has no simple answer. Any one of the processes involved in healing a superficial cut – the clotting of the blood, for example – is incredibly complex, so much so that if the mechanism fails, as it does with hemophiliacs, advanced scientific medicine is at a loss to duplicate the impaired function. A doctor can prescribe drugs that replace the missing clotting factor in the blood, but these are temporary, artificial, and have numerous undesirable side effects. The body’s perfect timing will be absent, as well as the superb coordination of a dozen related processes. By comparison, a man-made drug is a stranger in a land where everybody else is blood kin. It can never share the knowledge that everyone else was born with.”*** Do you still think you’re not pretty enough, thin enough, good enough? Think again… You have been given a spectacular one-of-a-kind miracle of a live vehicle to carry you through.*** Your vehicle is non-refundable and not exchangeable. It’s yours for life… you may want to handle it with care, given that you will need it until the end. If you break it for lack of understanding like a little child would break a toy, it can happen that it’s all over before the time is up… You don’t want it to break down before you’re there, in the middle of nowhere, at a point where you’d rather carry on a bit longer. There is no way around it… sufficient supply of the right fuel and proper maintenance are a must if you want to reach the finish line. Nobody can make you appreciate it gratefully, but if you don’t… it’s just out of ignorance. Still - don’t pour sugar in the tank! *** The journey is not really so much about the destination, but rather your participation, attitude, and the people you encounter on the road. Look at what you offer to them. Bring some gifts! The trail you leave behind could matter more than you know. Your vehicle is perfectly outfitted for the journey, even if the others don’t love it the way you wish. Don’t compare it to others – you don’t know what their trip is all about. They may require different equipment for their purposes. Addiction is an error where you mistake the vehicle for the traveler. The suffering of the soul cannot be fixed on the physical plane. It requires a spiritual solution … is why addictions don’t work out in the end.*** P.S. People can tell your year and model, even if you give it make-overs and new paint jobs. Don’t waste your time fighting windmills. It’s futile.
“Whatever you decide, just remember, this is your life” – quote, anonymous