The Best I Can

“I do the best I can in the life I’m in” – quote, Burton Parka
A shy and anxious girl at first, it seemed as though she could have done a pretty-world life. And then she had to go. The path lead through rules and languages that weren’t hers. Traverse some echoes and wastelands where things were rough. In bondage forever and a day. The wild mountain people rejected her. She was speechless then. Defenseless. Disoriented and Incredulous. Dark waves carried her and tucked her under. Silently she sunk into some swamps. When that time was up the toys and letters appeared to supply the missing link. The dance ended and she began to listen to the wind. The gift was deciphered and that’s when she found her voice. She said: NO! Only years later did it come to her and she started to say it then: YES! and YEESSS!!!!!!!