Song Line

"Ooh, yeah! All right! We’re jammin’. I wanna jam it wid you. We’re jammin’, jammin’, and I hope you like jammin’ too” – lyrics, Bob Marley
Feelings give meaning to an otherwise random and irrelevant universe – they are the language that combines events into a narrative. The music of life is made of our vibrations of love and pain and everything in between. Innumerable tunes and beats are to be taken in and harmonized continually. Through your story something new comes about and you become part of something bigger. There is a story line (of actual events) and a song line (of your emotional experience) and it cannot be played alone. You are meant to play your part. Your participation is non-negotiable - without you… there is no song. *** Departure from emotions and intuitions via chemical substances makes it so that you take meaning out of the equation. When the real connection is lost, there is no point to life - there is indifference to life and death, and to the suffering of others. When nothing matters, all goals are rendered useless. Genuine love is forsaken in favor of random sex. Clarity is obscured during substitute stimulations, arbitrary excitements, superficial distractions, and artificial thrills. This then creates a lot of white noise in the mind, resulting in confusion and a desolate internal state, which has been described as “pitiful and incomprehensible demoralization.” *** Attend to the vibrational message of your feelings and translate it into the (also) vibrational language of the spoken word. It is an integrative and healing process, where you gain conscious awareness through tuning in. Close your eyes, listen to your feelings and the sound of the wind, whatever it is. Open your eyes, listen to people and the rest of life, whatever it is. Share about it, but be mindful of the effect your song may have on the mood of others. Refrain from whining and judging if you care for people to listen. Naggers and complainers find it hard to keep an audience. Smile (if you can) in spite of it all (it reassures others who may have a hard time, too). An attitude of forgiveness and a focus on gratitude turns up the volume on good-feeling states. Gradually, the interference of the background noise fades out and the rhythm becomes clearer… *** Show up, listen to the music, and play your part. That’s it. It can only be done right here, right now. Remember, music is all about the joy of sharing.
"Every child has known God, not the God of names, not the God of don’ts, not the God who ever does anything weird, but the God who only knows four words and keeps repeating them, saying: Come dance with Me! Come, dance!" – quote, Hafiz, the Great Sufi Master