alcoholic ambivalence LIVE

March 6 - J: Please text or call L at S rehab. They say, your head is a dangerous place, don’t go there alone!
D: Thank u!
J: Do you need to go to a detox place?
D: I have no money to pay.
J: No insurance?
D: Yes. Looking into that. Will call L at S rehab tomorrow.
J: I could take you to B hospital for detox tomorrow. They give you detox meds. It would make it a lot easier.
D: I got something from my doctor yesterday. But appreciate it.
J: Let me know it you want to do this thing. I work in recovery every day… I know some places and people.
D: Thank u so much!
J: Sending love
March 7 - J: Hi dah’ling, how r u? Did u get around to call anybody today? R u coming over my house (for step study group)?
D: Still making calls. Bit stressed out. Can I come over next week? I do appreciate… just wiped out
J: Sure, but in my experience people don’t stay sober alone at home. Otherwise we wouldn’t need rehabs and AA… we have a disease of resistance, denial, and rationalization, we isolate out of fear… Let me know when you’re ready to get some help. I’m right here.
D: Love u. Need to feed myself and sit still for a minute… will see u Sunday & next Wed. Just feeling bit weak right now.
J: Thanks 4 letting me know. I’ll probably go to a seminar on Sunday, tho, xoxo
D: U helped me a lot to think about. Just tried... Gonna eat and cuddle. Love yr energy and I do want to work with u. Rehab S did call me back. They are great.
J: Thank you. Glad to hear that they r doing a good job. Stay in touch! Be grateful and follow suggestions! The thinking that took you into addictive suffering will not be the thinking that takes u out of it…
March 8 - D: I looked at yr psychiatrist site. She doesn’t take insurance. So I will keep looking. I did leave S rehab a message.
J: Go to Dr. R. at… phone #... S intensive outpatient treatment is opening new location next week. How is it going today?
D: S rehab just called me back. My insurance doesn’t cover it. They told me to find somewhere else.
J: You could see Dr. R for post-acute withdrawal meds, go to 3 meetings a day, or you go back to rehab, which would give you a solid chance. Like this ur in the relapse loop, which is unnecessary suffering.
D: Thank u!! xxo
J: Sending love
D: U too!!
March 11 - D: Do u want to do the 5k Revlon walk with me for breast cancer. It is May 12
J: (??!!) Thanks 4 thinking of me, but I’m not into it. Meanwhile, maybe Wednesday step study at my house? Xoxo
D: Do u like cooking?
J: (??!!) I would like to focus on recovery in our relationship at this point. 1 thing at a time, 1 day at a time…
J: What’s up with that? How r u today?
D: Yes trying to rest and recover. Just joint an online cooking group that’s all.
J: (??!!)
D: You r right one day at a time
J: Meeting tomorrow night at the log cabin?
D: Okay
J: I can pick u up at 7:30pm
D: Perfect!
J: Address?
D: sends address. Thank you so much!
J: K
March 12 – D: So sorry I forgot it is my nieces Bday tonight & I promised to help my sis in law. Rain check?
J: (??!!) When I came to AA, my boat was sinking, and I knew I was going to drown. So I was willing to do whatever it took. Maybe you’re just not in that situation. However, I’m just trying to be of service, in case you need any help getting sober, xoxo
D: You are right my sis in law will forgive me. Thanku I will be ready at 7:30
J: Is that your final answer for today? Lol
D: No
J: (uff!!) Do you want me to pick you up at 7:30?
(No answer. J calls D. D is very drunk)
March 13 – D: Hi going into I rehab today. You better write or call me! Luvz
J: Great!!! Call me when you can! Glad for you.