Animated In-Carnation *

“Of all the things I lost in life
I miss my mind the most.” – quote, unknown author

Programmed by Divine design to stay alive
By seeking pleasure and avoiding pain…
She grew up. And then it HAPPENED!
…She was given substances that
Magnified pleasure and erased pain!
It was heavenly and unforgettable.
Her brain underwent an instant and
Irreversible transformation - where
Pleasure got detached from life
and hooked on intoxication.

Awakening from a lapse in consciousness
She finds that her soul hasn’t moved on (yet).
As she emerges from hedonistic oblivion
She is flooded with shame.

And yet... she may remain in self-destruct mode,
Distracted by the gnarly noise in her head,
Terminally vague about her choice in the matter.

As physical space for the soul’s incarnation -
The heart is the rendezvous place for soul and body
To hook up for the marriage of a lifetime.

In case it should ever strike her fancy to reclaim her mind,
She could open her heart and attend to
Her soul's connection to the Source.
There is no other way.

* definition of animated: alive, lively; with soul; (anima = soul)
* definition of incarnation: in the flesh