Gladys Jones, quotes from THE FLOWERING TREE

It is evident, when evaluating people clairvoyantly, that those who are unfamiliar with touches of pain and suffering are bored, drab and barren. They tend to become fault-finding and self-centered. When man withdraws from pain and suffering, he withdraws from the great teachers of life, and his aloofness will lead him into psychic stagnation.

Those who have stored away past wisdom within the soul do not repeatedly relearn the lesson of suffering. They may still experience as others do, but they have the understanding, which enables them to transmute their suffering quickly.

A wise one appears and watches you tossing and turning in your self-centered situation. He says, “Withdraw from outer life so that your healing can be of the body and of the mind. If you will go to bed for rest and relaxation, you will also open your inner nature to a new, peaceful depth. The affairs of the outer life are not as important as you consider them.”

It is necessary that you experience pain to force you to withdraw for inner growth.

When the inner changes have been completed, and you are rested from the world… you will then have been purged of your resentment to pain.