Meditation is magical, and yet... it can happen… that she doesn’t even do it. She just stops. Somehow she feels rushed, busy or she just forgets all about … to focus on the technique that makes her happy and changes her internal environment from pain to joy. It’s a strange and baffling thing.
Spontaneously, if she doesn’t watch it, she can get uncomfortable – anxious, impatient, and irritable. She worries about the world and her life, the wellbeing of people and animals, her past and the hereafter. All of it. She thinks of not liking people, because they can be mean and scary. She’d rather not have any part of that and so… she wants to check out, withdraw, or at least get loaded and forget about it all… That’s not funny and it isn’t fun and she does it because she has alcoholism and this is what we do and this is why we need alcohol and drugs - to self-medicate the misery and find some relief. We do it at any price and so it should be clear to anyone how intense the misery is.
Meanwhile, she could do some things to change it all. Is she doing them? Not necessarily… because she gets to where she thinks that she doesn’t need it - no time for a few minutes of conscious breathing, but ALWAYS, under all circumstances is she finding the time to dwell on misery, resentments, and worry, which makes her sick and causes anxiety, depression, and physical pain, too.
On the other hand, she could do this: recognize that her life takes place… only at this moment. She has only the time before midnight to consider. The midnight-wall to the future remains forever inaccessible. Thought manifests as all reality comes into existence through thought. As a physical being she is a ball of energy on every level, especially on the smallest, tiniest, atomic quantum level.
So the meditation, here it goes: “Energy is all I am. I am life. I am love. I came into existence as a manifestation of love. The color of love energy is pale lavenderish pink. I inhale the color of love and I exhale the dark gray color of misery. Breathe in. Breathe out. I am HERE. This is my time. As I focus on love energy I am changing my physical being on a real level and consequently my fear-based pain withers and fades into nothing.” She begins to notice the change immediately on every level… as atoms within her body become aware of the command of her wish… and she turns into a ball of love (or life energy). This fills her with joy and she can’t help it – she proceeds to spread the happiness, “Only for today. Is all. I am aligned with the Divine Forces. Everything is as it should be. Welcome, world” She smiles.