Quotes from a parenting group

I would have liked my mother to be whole and healthy.

My mother is concerned about my wellbeing.

I would like my mother to be supportive about my personal relationships. She is alone. It’s awful.

My mother is a crazy bitch. I wish she would put us before herself and her gang and her drugs.

I want my mother as a mother.

My mother is cynical. She treated me like I was not even her daughter.

I would like my mother to have more open communication.

My mother is a buffer and a go-between between my dad and me.

I would like my mother to be concerned with my personal happiness and no one else’s opinion.

My mother is scared if I screw up.

I like a protective, nurturing, and understanding mother.

My mother is strong, supportive, and soft-spoken. I think she gets scared of me.

I would like a mother who is sober, loving, and compassionate.

As a mother I want to be ever caring and curious about my children’s creative spirits, wants, needs, and dreams.

I want my mother to be more open-minded, understanding, and accepting.

My mother has always been my biggest supporter. However, I wish that she would not have been so over-protective of me when I was growing up.

I would like my mother not to be afraid and worried about what other people are thinking about our family and me.
My parents are ashamed of me. I don’t like being told how to think.

I would like my mother to encourage me to share and be supportive of my feelings and share her feelings, as well. My parents never did that.

As a mother I just want to be present.

I love my mother.