Gladys Jones, medium

“Since man has lived for such a long period of time on earth, he has formed many links and made many bonds with other souls, who are also endeavoring to make soul growth. These other souls are the same travelers and companions he meets from life to life.”

"All of man's mortal problems involve growth with other souls from the time of his birth until the time of his death."

"With all these with whom he is linked, man has unfinished matters, delayed solutions, imperfect understandings, or, perhaps,
ignored responsibilities handed to him again out of his recent and remote lives. These may be the retroactive matters which, if he wishes to mature, must be faced and cannot be ignored any longer."

"Feelings of aversion, enmity, hate or those of sentiment, affection, passion and love, which have not been depleted, will run their course and form ties between man and others. Love and hate are examples of the strongest feelings earthman knows, and until either is exhausted, they will have a compelling influence upon the life. These feelings flow and spread outward and follow man out of his past into the present and future until they have been spent, and having served their purpose, they no longer overwhelm man"

The Flowering Tree - Gladys Jones, medium, author