A Terrorist

A terrorist is a terrorist is a fanatic – a pathologically aggressive person looking for a venue to express destructive urges in order to replace a sense of crushing helplessness with the illusion of power and superiority.
S/he over-identifies with some religious or national interest. Victims are more or less arbitrarily chosen, mostly with respect to their availability.
Who is superior to whom?
Convictions can be erroneous and misguided and ought to be doubted and replaceable.... since we are ignorant and flawed. All of us.
Not a big believer in blaming whole nations, races or religious groups. Not a big fan of hurting and killing people. Not seeing judgments of others as such great fun.
Better to look at my own behavior TODAY and how I can use what I got to bring a little love & hope.
Take a break form awaiting the Apocalyptic horsemen for today and have a lovely Sunday! Will you?
Just sayin’.