Thoughts on the 51st Sutra

51st Sutra:
“On joyously seeing a long absent friend, permeate this joy.”


This teaching suggests to fully attend to the momentary feeling. It appears as though the friend is bringing the joy. At other times an external source may seemingly bring a feeling of anger or sadness – but in reality, all these feelings reside within and can manifest in response to an event, which brings them out into the open. We are taught to pay attention to these aspects of ourselves. As a result we raise our awareness of ourselves and cease to be at the mercy of stormy emotions.


mental chatter processes behaviors and events
and helps us to mature and learn from our experiences.

for some of us…
the inner voice turns into a merciless judge...
a tireless inner sadist who tires us out.

if that happens there is not much fun to be had…
mental anguish and anxiety wear us down.

some seek oblivion…
trying to escape through distractions and chemical means,
insisting on unfulfilled expectations and their own victim role,
demanding to get what they don't have.

If we lack self-love...
we may attempt to substitute with the love of others...
or at least some sex, drama, and excitement.

even though this has never worked beyond a fleeting moment...
we don't give up... we keep on banging our heads
against a door that cannot open... it's just a stage prop.

please keep in mind… that it's all about you...
about working out your fate
and weaving your spirit into life.

you can benefit from entering the momentary feeling...
whatever it may be...
rather than suppressing it when it's unpleasant -

allow it to be what it is. feel the feeling. attend to it.
breathe into it… in and out, in and out, …
hold it. embrace it. it’s your truth. for now.

find who you are. this is the way.


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Sutra =
Buddhist teaching in aphoristic form (laconic and cryptic).
Vigyan Bhairav Tantra =
ancient text of 112 techniques of meditation.