When the Student is Ready…

• Needed to find an extra sponsor. Found T.
• This is what she did:
Gave me time + suggestions,
Then released me so I would not feel guilty that I was done
• This is what she tried to teach me:
Adhere to rules, set boundaries all around. Didn’t work for me.
• This is what I know:
It’s on me to figure out, why I invited her into my life
i.e. what’s the lesson here? –
And to leave her in a better way than she was when she met me
• This is what I learned:
Reminder to be grateful for all the good in my life –
claim it, own it, utilize it
Reminder of the importance of being a patient + quiet listener
(working on improving that skill …)
Reminder of the power of bringing love + confidence
to the (any) occasion
Reminder to stand up for myself when indicated…
and she demonstrated what happens when I don’t own my power…
Showed me a mirror to see who I am (feeling good about it)
The importance of self-care rather than co-dependent vagueness
• Did she know what she was teaching me? Don’t think so
• Does it matter? Of course not
Thank you for your tea, time, and teachings.
I am releasing you with love, gratitude, and blessings