this is the disease

there is no tomorrow

At 10:00 a.m... I got a phone call from the neighborhood bar ...

a friend was in there very drunk and asking for help ...

So I called him at the bar and told him that he could

call me back another day when he is not drunk.
He was happy to notice that he had my # in his phone all along,
begging me to come get him,
saying over and over "there is no tomorrow"...

Just came back from the bar.
The guy was happy to see me, but terribly drunk.
He kept insisting to go to the Key Club meeting
(which doesn't exist anymore) and also get another drink,
which the barkeeper didn't give him.
Then he stumbled out, trying to call his son (...),
crossed the street, and left me standing there with tears in my eyes.
Eventually he turned around and waved good-bye.

Hoping that you can stay sober!
It's hard. Most people relapse. God knows I know why...

What happens when we relapse is (among other things)
that we become useless to others,
because we immediately become overly self-involved
...or have been so in order to even relapse.
The truth is - if we REALLY care about others
and how we affect them,
we make it a point to be available, present, and of service.
All that is out the window as soon as we get loaded.

Visualize and materialize what you want.
You WILL get it - sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly...
I always visualized being like some of the old-timers I admired.
I wanted what they had - an easy-going attitude, dignity, and peace of mind.
I wanted that and that's still what I want most of all.
Alcohol and drugs NEVER work long enough!
There is always the next morning...